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Peru Travel – Riding a Mototaxi

Riding a mototaxi has become a famous Peruvian travel tradition. The less than safe looking transportation option can be found throughout the country but is more common in smaller cities and in rural communities. Think of them as a cab – just less safe, slower, and louder. On the plus side, they are great when you need a bit of a breeze on your face in hot, coastal Peruvian towns.

Paris on the Cheap

Ah Paris, the city of lights… the city of love… the city of backpackers? This nickname might not have caught on yet, but Paris has a lot to offer the 18-25 set with a pack on their back. Keep reading for some reasons why Paris is great destination for young adults and some tips on how to keep it cheap in this expensive city.

Road Trip: Northern Chile Altiplano

Entering Northern Chile from Peru will most likely lead you to the coastal town of Arica. Check out our article on discovering Arica to find out what adventure lies there, but for this article we are jumping right into Northern Chile’s great Altiplano!

How to Use a Polarizer Filter

I am leery of writing a photography guest post on Two Backpackers, only because their photography is so amazingly good, but when Jason asked me to do a guest post, I was in the midst of posting one of my lucky-good photographs on my blog, so I thought I’d take a few paragraphs to explain how and why this particular shot turned out.

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